Oregon Bass Federation Minutes

Minutes from 4/21/12-submitted by Chuck Schumacher/Secretary

Ten Miles Lakes
Osprey Point

Present for Meeting:  Jason Hooper, Orville Allman, Chuck Schumacher, Dan Jordan, Don Baskett, Mike Baskett, Jim Brinkerhoff, David Brinkerhoff, Kevin Pangle, Dan Skillings, Joe McCain, Charles Adams, Jim Muck, Byron Chavez, David Mays, Ryan Furno, Dan Betz, JL Neal, Chuck Lang, Nick Fitzsimmons, Jerry Lake and Darryl Jackson.

Meeting was called to order by President Jason Hooper at 6:00 pm at the Osprey Point RV Resort Meeting Room.

Treasure Report.  Jason noted that the Treasures Report had been posted on the website and it was moved by Dan Jordan and seconded by Dan Skillings to accept the report as posted.  Motion Passed.

New Business:

A motion was made by Orville Allman that Jason Hooper, John Buller and Orville Allman be signers on the Oregon BASS Federation Checking Account.  Part of the motion is that Chuck Schumacher, Secretary will not have signing power on the checking account.  The motion was seconded by Dan Jordan and the motion passed unanimously.  

Dan Jordan brought up a problem that has developed in Lindross Arm of Ten Mile of a caretaker that is putting spikes in logs and roping off certain small coves with a rope in Lindross.  There was discussion of taking pictures and passing the information along to ODFW and other authorities.   A number of Oregon Bass Members are concerned about fisherman and boat safety in Lindross.  A letter will be written and submitted to Oregon BASS to review it before sending it on.

JL Neal brought up scheduling issues and rotations of the Columbia River and Coastal Lake Tournaments to start the season off every year.  Jason commented on how members have input into scheduling and that nothing has been put in writing regarding a rotation.  It was suggested by Jason for members to get involved with scheduling and pass along information and dates to the Oregon BASS Board.  
The Kids Tournament has been moved to Portland at Willamette Park on June 30, 2012.  Participants need to be at least 11 years of age and Jim Brinkerhoff stressed the need for more fisherman.  

Chuck Lang gave the Conservation Report.  

Tips for Poachers was stressed again by Chuck as a program that Oregon BASS has become very involved with.  The main concern is the introduction of non native fish such as Spotted Bass into a lake like Cottage Grove.  This has become a real effort by all BASS Clubs state wide to show that tournament fisherman are not the problem but part of the solution.  Many anglers from the Salmon and Steelhead side believe that Tournament Anglers are illegally stocking fish and other invasive speiecs to Oregon waters.  This effort is proof that Oregon BASS as well as TBF are making real efforts to work with other warm water groups to support other state wide efforts.  

Central Oregon BASS Club has proposed to ODFW at bag limit for Bass on Wickiup Reservoir.  According to Chuck Wickiup has turned into a strong fishery with issues resulting in the fall when the draw down occurs in the fall.  Fish become very bunched up and with no bag limits real damage is being done to the population.  The Bag Limit proposal has passed the first hurdle when ODFW ruled it was one of 14 proposals that will move forward for final a final hearing and vote this August.

New Business:

Jason Hooper discussed the increasing roll of Dicks Sporting Goods in its financial support of Oregon BASS.  Dicks has contributed both financial and product support this year and Jason recommended that Oregon BASS members thank Dicks  for their support.  

The next Oregon BASS Tournament will be  held May 19th a Hood River.  Boaters need to be concerned with Oregon and Washington Rules concerning boat inspections for being in Washington waters during the tournament.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.