OBF Bylaws

Bylaws and Standing Rules Of the
 The Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation, Inc. comprised of affiliated chapters of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of America, Inc. (Federation Nation) does hereby adopt the following bylaws and standing rules.



This is a non-profit corporation and no stock will be issued and no dividends paid to any members of the corporation.  The purpose of the corporation is as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.
Section 1.  Members:  The Corporation shall consist of members hereinafter provided and the requirements of membership shall be as follows:
a)      To be eligible for membership, a person shall have voluntarily expressed a genuine interest in membership, and;
b)      Be a member in good standing of an affiliated club of the Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the Federation), and;
c)      Be a member in good standing of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of America, Inc.(Federation Nation)
d)      Be a member in good standing of the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation.
e)      A member may reside outside the State of Oregon, but must be a member in good standing of a club affiliated with the Oregon Federation.
Full membership rights are granted to any applicant who fulfills these requirements.
Section 2.  Representatives:  Each club shall elect or appoint one member to serve as official representative to the corporation.  No restrictions shall apply from the corporation as to length of term or number of terms of such representatives.
Section 3.  Voting Rights:  Each club in good standing shall be entitled to one vote on any matter submitted to a vote of the Board.




The affairs and management of this corporation shall be under the direction and control of the Board of Directors, hereafter referred to as the Board, as provided in the Articles of Incorporation, to wit:
Section 1.  Board of Directors:  The Board of Directors shall be comprised of one representative from each affiliated club, the elected officers, tournament director and the immediate past-president.
Section 2.  Meetings:  The Board shall meet a minimum of once each quarter year, with additional meetings called by the Board as needed.
Section 3.   Officers:  Elected officers of the Board are the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, hereafter referred to as the Executive Board.
Section 4.  Elections:  Elections shall be held bi-annually in even numbered years.  Nominations will be accepted in person at the earliest third quarter meeting of that year.  Copies of the official ballot shall be mailed to all eligible club representatives before September 1, and must be returned to the secretary two (2) weeks prior to October 31 of the year.  Ballots will be opened, tallied and results announced at the last Board meeting of that year and placed in the meeting minutes.  All ballots will be verified by the Board and maintained in the archives for a period of at least three (3) years.
Section 5.  Qualifications:  To qualify to serve as an officer on the Board of Directors a person must:
a)      Be a member in good standing to the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of America, Inc.(Federation Nation) and of a currently affiliated club of the Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation, Inc.
b)      Have served at least one (1) year as an official club representative.
c)      Be placed in nomination by club representative as an active member of an affiliated club.
d)      To be elected as president, a person must have served at least one (1) year as an elected officer
Section 6.  Voting:  All officers and people having standing appointments as described hereinafter shall have the same voting rights as club representatives; one person one vote rules shall apply.  No proxy voting will be allowed for official Board business.
Section 7.  Quorum:  A majority of the Executive Board plus standing appointees must be present, and at least four (4) clubs must be represented among all persons present for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board.
Section 8.  Term of Office:  All officers are elected to two-year terms beginning
January 1 the year following the election and will serve until December 31 two (2) years hence, or until necessary for a new officer to be elected.  Each officer shall hold office until a successor has been duly elected or appointed to fill a vacancy.
Section 9.  Vacancies: A vacancy in office because of death, illness, resignation, removal, disqualification or otherwise may be filled by the Board for the unexpired term.
Section 10.  Removal:  Any officer, elected or appointed, may be removed by two-thirds vote of the Board upon thirty (30) days written notice, whenever in its judgment the best interests of the corporation would thereby be served.
Section 11. Officers shall conduct the affairs of State Federation in a manner consistent with these Bylaws. To protect the State Federation members, and  B.A.S.S., State Officers may not hold positions high than a club level within any other bass federation-type organization including but not limited to TBF/FLW. In addition the State Federation Board is required to be comprised of members who are free to serve the State without a conflict of interest. Also, any State Board Member or State Officer or employee of any other bass federation-type organization WILL NOT be allowed to hold an office within the Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation at any level.



Duties of Officers

Section 1.  President:  Presides over all meetings of the Board and special meetings of the Federation, directs all official business, supervises all Federation activities, appoint and be ex-official member of all standing and special committees, be official representative of the Federation in relationship to other organizations, delegate such duties as may be appropriate to best serve the Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation Inc. and serve as liaison with the National B.A.S.S. Federation.(Federation Nation)
Section 2.Vice-President:  Assist the President upon request, preside in the absence of the President, and assume the office of President should it become vacated.
Section 3.  Secretary:  Record and maintain accurate minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Board, call meetings of the Board, maintain regular correspondence with the members clubs and maintain a federation roster of affiliated members, maintain and protect all such records for future access and use by the federation.
Section 4. Treasurer:  Receive and distribute all monies upon approval of the Board, or as otherwise directed by the Board, maintain accurate financial records, which are to be audited annually as directed by the Board, present a current balance and summary report at each regular Board meeting, submit an annual report to the Board at its final meeting of the year, complete and submit all financial papers and matters as appropriate to conduct federation business. 



Standing Appointments

Section 1.  Appointment, Terms and Qualifications:  The President shall appoint, with plurality confirmation of the Executive Board, the following standing appointments and any other special appointments as may become necessary.  Terms of appointment to these positions shall be two (2) years or less, not to exceed the term of the current President's.  To qualify for a standing appointment a candidate must fully meet requirements as indicated in Article I, Section 1, of these bylaws.  Persons with standing appointments will have voting privileges as indicated in Article II, Section 6.
Section 2.  Environmental/Legislative Director:  This position shall serve, at the discretion of the President, as the Federation's liaison in environmental and legislative activities and events.  This person is to document and report to the proper authorities any violations of local, state and federal antipollution laws, statutes, regulations, ordinances, and other regulatory devices, shall maintain communication with appropriate local, state and federal environmental regulatory agencies, shall maintain communication with appropriate local, state and federal law making bodies and natural resource regulatory agencies and persons, take or direct political action where appropriate local, state and federal law making bodies and natural resource regulatory agencies and persons, take or direct political action where appropriate to undertake informational and educational programs to bring to the publics awareness the growing threats to our environment, and to take leadership in federation activities aimed at protecting, repairing and enhancing the quality of local, state and national waters.
Section 3.  Tournament Director:  The purpose of this appointment is to plan, organize and operate all federation tournaments, including the State Championship Tournament.  This position is responsible for submitting to the Board sites and dates selected for all tournaments, determining eligibility, collection of entry fees, determining awards, setting rules with final authority on proper conduct of anglers, establishing procedures and qualifications, and other matters properly related to orderly conduct of all Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation Tournaments.  Ensures that all federation tournaments are conducted within the spirit and letter of current national B.A.S.S. federation tournament rules, and any applicable federal and state laws and regulations.  All federation open tournaments will be open to all angers sixteen (16) years of age or older.  It will be the primary duty of the tournament director to conduct affairs such that only honor, integrity, sportsmanship and the highest levels of fair play will accrue to state tournaments, and thus to each and every member of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of America, Inc.
Section 4.  Youth Director:  The purpose of this appointment is to plan, organize and implement all federation youth activities and events and to act as federation liaison between member clubs and local, state and national youth related organizations and activities.  The primary objective of these activities being to introduce young anglers to the goals of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society,(Federation Nation) and to bestow upon them a strong basis for respect of our natural resource heritage.
Section 5. Editorial Director: The purpose of this appointment is to serve as the voice of the federation through quarterly, or more often as deemed necessary, publication of the Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation Newsletter.  This position has responsibility for solicitation of advertising and articles for each newsletter, and for preparing, printing and distributing the newsletter to all affiliated federal members in the state and other outlets.  This person serves as federation liaison with club editors and the National B.A.S.S. editorial office.
Section 6.  Special Appointments:  The Board may make special appointments as necessary to conduct federation business, but only for well-defined purposes, and in no case may the tenure of said appointment exceed two (2) years from the date of appointment.  Special appointments may not supersede or otherwise infringe upon the duties and responsibilities of standing appointments.



Annual Review

Theses bylaws and standing rules will be reviewed at least once a year by the Board or appointed representatives to ensure they adequately reflect the working needs of the Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation, Inc.




Section 1.  Annual Dues:  The Board shall determine from time to time the amount of the initiation fee if any, and the annual dues payable to the corporation by each member and shall give appropriate notice to the members.
Section 2.  Payment of Dues:  For previously affiliated clubs, dues shall be payable annually by the 31rst of December each year and will be considered delinquent on the 1rst of January of each year.  Being delinquent in dues will cause the affected club and all of its members to lose all rights associated with affiliation with Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation, subject to review by the Executive Board.  Delinquent people are not eligible to receive points in federation tournaments until they are again a member in good standing of the federation.  New clubs will be affiliated with the Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation upon payment of dues.  Likewise, new members of affiliated clubs can become affiliated upon payment of federation dues.



Fiscal Year

Section 1.  Fiscal Year:  The fiscal year of the corporation shall be the calendar year starting January 1 and ending at midnight December 31 of each year.



Amendment of Bylaws

Section 1.  Amendments:  These bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new bylaws adopted by a two-thirds vote of Board members present at any regular meeting or at a special meeting if the secretary gives appropriate notice to all members thirty (30) days prior to all such actions.  All such amendments shall become part of the official bylaws of the Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation.



Dissolution Clause

Section 1.  Dissolution:  If the necessity arises that the Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation, Inc. should dissolve, (This only can occur if there are less than 5 members left in good Standing) all monies and any other assets of the organization shall be donated to a charitable organization or institution recognized and accredited by the IRS as determined by the Executive Board.(In any event no monies or property can be transferred to another organization that is in direct competition with the Oregon B.A.S.S. Federation Inc.) No monies and/or assets may accrue to the benefit of any club or corporation member.



Standing Rules

A.     The primary goal of the B.A.S.S. State Federation, Inc. shall be to preserve and further the sport of bass angling.
B.     Funds for the support and maintenance of the Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation, Inc. will be derived from original funding from B.A.S.S. headquarters and from annual member dues and special projects sponsored by the federation.  Under no circumstance may the Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation, Inc. accept monetary assistance from individuals, businesses, corporations or governmental agencies if there is prima facie evidence that the goals of these entities are contrary to the primary goal of the federation and the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of America, Inc.
C.     Final authority for the interpretation of these bylaws and standing rules shall rest with the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of America, Inc.(Federation Nation)
D.     The Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of America, Inc.(Federation Nation) shall be notified of any amendment of alteration of these bylaws and standing rules.
E.      Each affiliated club should have a representative at all regular and special Board meeting and meet all other state and national requirements.
F.      The federation will have annual dues in an amount determined by the Board, assessed to each member-affiliated clubs.  They shall be collected each year by the treasurer beginning November 1 of each year..  If not remitted by the first day of January of the next year, the club or individual member shall be deemed to be indebted to the federation and will be excluded from participating as a federation member as specified in the bylaws.  New clubs and members will be affiliated upon payment of specified fees and dues.
G.     A member may belong to more than one affiliated club.
H.     In all federation sponsored tournaments, current National B.A.S.S.(Federation Nation) rules will apply.  Any deviations to these rules will be approved and specified by the Board of Directors.
I.        Violation of any local, state or federal laws and statutes related to fishing, boating or environmental regulations during any federation sponsored tournament will result in immediate disqualification of the offending angler as determined and resolved by Board members present at the tournament site.
J.       After the state team qualifying tournaments, but before the end of the calendar year, a State Championship Tournament will be conducted with the goal of determining a State Team and State Champion.  The tournament director shall administer arrangements, awards, all rules, regulations and direction of the tournament.
These rules and procedures may be altered or repealed and new rules and procedures may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of Board members at any regular meeting or any special meeting, provided all club representatives and Board members are given written notification thirty (30) days before such actions are taken.  The interpretation of these rules and procedures rest solely with the Oregon B.A.S.S. State Federation Board of Directors.  Subject to "C" above.