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Oregon B.A.S.S. Tournament Results
Tenmile Co-Anglers
Nice work Nathan with a win on the co-angler side. ...
Tenmile Boaters
Congrats to Rick winning his second event this season.  Jason Hooper had big fish of 7.86...
Prineville Boaters
Congrats to William Gibbs on winning Prineville for the 2nd year in a row. ...
Prineville Co-Anglers
Nice work Austin Bentz pulling out the win on the Co-Angler side. ...
Hood River Boaters
Congrats to Rick Correa with a solid bag of 22+ LBs of smallmouth! And with big fish of the event at 5.91 pounds!...
Hood River Co-Anglers
Nice work to Joel with over 13 pounds for a 3 fish limit! Joel also had big fish on the co-angler side of 5.71! ...
Hood River
Congrats to Kory Ray...
Hood River Co-Anglers
Congrats to Logan!...
Tenmile Co-Anglers
Congrats to Zip Decker weighing in a 3 fish limit for 12LBs. ...
Tenmile Boaters
Nice work Dan Jordan with 19+ LBs to win at Tenmile. ...
2016 Prineville Co-Angler
Congrats to Bryon Smith winning the Co tournament with 3 fish for 11.76lbs....
2016 Prineville Boaters
Congrats to William Gibbs....
2016 Boardman Co-Anglers
Congrats to Dan Skillings finishing 1st place with a 3 bass limit of 12.58LBs and a 6LB big fish. ...
2016 Boardman Boaters
Congrats to Ron Wiseman with a nice winning bag of smallmouth bass weighing 20.07lbs and a big fish on the Boaters side of 5.12lbs.  ...
2015 Hood River Draw Tournament
Thanks to all that showed up for the last open draw tournament for BASS of 2015. ...
2015 Tenmile Team Tournament
Thanks to all that showed up.  Congrats to Dane Lawrence and Frank Scarla on their first place finish with 22.23 pounds of largemouth bass. ...
2015 Celilo Team Tournament
Congrats to Dan Betz and JL Neal for winning the day with a nice 17.08LB bag of smallmouth bass. ...
2015 Boardman Draw Tournament
15 boats showed up for a good day of fishing out of Boardman Oregon. Congrats to Jason Virgil for taking the victory with a 22.84lb bag and a 6.94 big fish. ...
2014 Prineville Team Tournament
 Thanks to all that made it over to Prineville for the event. We had a great turn out for our third event of the year.  Congrats to Mike and Nick for their win and to Mays/Mays for winning b...
2014 Hood River Draw Tournament
Thank you for everyone that turned out for our second tournament of the year.  Fishing was a little rough but in the end Keith Truett put together a great sack of smallmouth weighing 19.76 pounds...
2014 Tenmile TeamTournament
I wanted to thank everyone that participated in our first event of the year. It was our best event in several years with 25 boats. Everyone came in with a limit and the fishing was good. Congratulatio...
2013 Hood River Draw Tournament
Big Fish:1 - Nick  Fitzsimmons 3.82lbs2 - Keith Truett 3.8lbs3 - Larry Hutchens 3.75lbs...
2013 Prineville Team Tournament
19 Boats showed up for this tournament!Big fish #1: 4.63 Larry Hutchens and Jerry LakeBig fish #2: 4.25 Dan Jordan and Chuck SchumacherBig fish #3: 4.08 Renaud Pelletier and Mike BaskettPayouts:1st $1...
2013 Boardman Draw Tournament
Draw format with a turnout of 38 anglers. Place Name ...
2013 Tenmile Team Tournament
Twenty One Teams made the trip to Tenmile Lakes for the first Oregon BASS Nation tournament of 2013.  Thank you to everyone that participated and helped out with this event.&nb...
Hood River Draw Tournament
There were 27 fisherman that showed up to fish for the 2013 Oregon State Team.  Here are the results of the 2 day Draw Tournament. Thank You to everyone that fished and helped ...
Priveville B.A.S.S.
18 boats showed up for the final team tournament of 2012.  Congrats to Kevin Grey and Jason Virgil on their 1st place bag with 15.62lb. ...
2012 B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Western Divisional
5-31-2012 - 6-1-2012
Congrats to David Mays for topping the Oregon Team at the Western Divisional and advancing to the 2012 nationals. Full results can be found here:
Hood River B.A.S.S.
Thank you to the 23 team who showed up for our second event of the year on the Columbia River out of Hood River. Fishing conditions were good with all teams bringing a limit to the ...
Tenmile B.A.S.S.
4-21-2012 - 4-22-2012
Thank you to the 22 teams who attended our first event of the year. Fishing conditions proved to be tough with only 88 fish brought to the scales for 2 days of  22 boats fishin...