Oregon Bass Federation Minutes

Minutes from 8/24/2012-Submitted by Jason Hooper President

Hood River, Oregon

Present for Meeting-Jerry Lake, Howard Pierce, Jason Hooper, Orville Alleman, JL Neal, Jonni Neal, Dan Betz, Jim Brinkerhoff, David Brinkerhoff and Renaud Pelletier.


Meeting was called to order by Jason Hooper at 6:30 pm.

Treasure Report- No Report given at this meeting. Report will be given at our next meeting.


Conservation Report- Jason read report by Chuck Lang. Will be posted on the web site.

Discussion followed-Looking for volunteers for Boat Check Stations. We are making a donation to Keep America Fishing.


Tournament Report- 27 were fishing for points over the weekend.

Nest years Divisional would be the second week in April.

Tournament sites needed foe next year.


Nominations for officers were taken-

Secretary- Chuck Schumacher

Treasure- John Buller

Vice President- Kevin Gray

President- Jason Hooper

Youth Director and Conservation Director to be appointed.

Ballots will be sent out to all Oregon BASS Clubs.


Meeting was Adjourned at 7 pm.