Conservation Annual Report 2012
Conservation AnnualReport 2012
by Chuck Lang
November 28, 2012

 This year has been a mix of hard fought wins andlosses.    Central Oregon Bass Club completed another Prineville Res. winter habitatin partnership with ODFW.   Fifty fivemore spider blocks were built and deployed in September.    If my count is right, that makes 310structures so far in nearly a dozen locations.    Terry Shrader reported that hiselectroshock survey in October at Prineville turned more bass of all sizes thanever before.    A combination of good water, good winterhabitat and regulations that try to protect the spawning class over the pastfew years appear to be doing some good. 


  Another COBC project was to provide a numerical and a sizelimit on the largemouth bass at Wickiup Res. After 2 grueling meetings in which stiff opposition from the flyfishermen and trout anglers and some not so well hidden opposition from thelocal game officer, it wasnt looking good, but we prevailed in the lastcommission meeting with help from ODFW.  The new limits take effect this January.  


  We were successful in defeating a proposal to make thesection of the Crooked River below Bowman Dam,unlawful to use bait.     This is theonly section of the Crooked River that is not inprivate hands where kids can fish.   TheCommission agreed with us that the fly fishermen have enough areas tothemselves.  


  We were not successful in preventing a 15 fish limit onsmallmouth bass from being approved on the Umpqua.   The fly fisherman managed to intimidate thebiologist in Roseberg who had committed to do a stomach sample survey todetermine the need for the change.    Aguess loud an vulgar behavior works for fly fishermen with no real reason otherthan a hatred for bass. 


  The national program to prevent used soft plastics fromkilling our largest fish was introduced at the BASS Federation tournamentevents in 2012.    Anglers turning inused baits at the end of the day, participated in a raffle for donated prizesfrom Dicks Sporting Goods.    Hopefully,this program will continue to be used forever.   


  Working with the State Police and ODFW, Oregon BassFederation Nation, The BASS Federation and the Black Bass Action Committeekicked off a program to provide reward funds for information leading to thearrest and conviction of persons making illegal introductions in Oregon waters.   The current fund is at $3300.    The first reward poster for the program isattached.    It is currently being postedon boat ramps, BASS Times, OSP bulletins, ODFW newsletters, Oregon BASS, theActivist Angler web site.    Expect GREATthings from this program.  


  We are working with Terry Shrader on a project to bringnatural aquatic vegetation to Central Oregondrawdown reservoirs.   Terry hasidentified native plant that has great promise.   The seed have been collected for a testproject and a nursery is growing 1000 plants.   A spring and a fall planting are anticipated in 2013.   If successful, an R&E grant will be writtento fund expanding it across the needy reservoirs.  


  I spent a great deal of time opposing the Crooked RiverCollaborative Water Security Act. US Senate Bill 3483 which seeks to allocatethe water behind Bowman Dam.  We supportmost of the proposed changes, save one.   The bill directs BOR to shall store and release from PrinevilleReservoir all remaining stored water quantities for the benefit of downstreamfish and wildlife.   With noprotections or consideration for the fisheries or recreation behind the dam,this bill will destroy the economy of Crook Countyand the bass and crappie fisheries.   The bill is currently in the US Senate. I have been working with Sen. Merkley and Rep. Waldens office to makechanges.   BASS Times and Activist Anglerhave also provided exposure.  


  Washington State Fish and Wildlife has proposed removing orincreasing the limits on Smallmouth bass in portions of the Columbiaand Snake Rivers, without any science indicating aneed.   It is much like the Umpqua river proposal in that it is coming from folksthat hate smallmouth.   I have sentletters and helped craft comments for BASS Times and Activist Angler.   If passed, this will spread to the entire Columbia and Willametteand Snake systems. 


  I have enjoyed being your Conservation Director and LegislativeLiaison since 1997.    It is time for meto retire.   Many thanks for the help andsupport you all have shown for conservation in the past.   Im confident that you will also supportyour new CD, Lonnie Johnson.    Introduce yourself to Lonnie and help him feel at home in theFederation.  

 Volunteers are needed to manage letter writing campaigns foreach of the unresolved issues.   ContactLonnie Johnson if you can help in any capacity.   

Chuck Lang,

OregonBASS Nation