Oregon BASS Nation Minutes


Oregon BASS Federation General Meeting

Wilsonville Chevrolet

December 1, 2012

Members in Attendance:  JasonHooper, Chuck Schumacher Kevin Gray, Kevin Pangle, Dan Skillings and OrvilleAlleman

Meeting was called to order by President Jason Hooper at 2:00 pm.  The Treasures report was unavailable.  A motion was made by Kevin Pangle to acceptminutes from the previous meeting.  Themotion was seconded by Kevin Gray and the motion  was approved.

Jason discussed the upcomingBASS Divisional at Clear Lake.  OregonBASS held a raffle at the jamboree and proceeds will be donated to the 2013Oregon State BASS Team Youth.  The OregonBASS Board of Directors would like to thank the sponsors for their support ofOregon BASS. 

Jason reported that theprograms implemented this past year at all Oregon BASS Tournaments will be usedagain this year for the ..program for used plastics that will be collectedafter every tournament.

Jasonthen discussed the upcoming BASS Tournaments that were approved by the Boardand have been placed on the master schedule for the 2013 season.  The new schedule will have two teamtournaments and two draw tournaments. There will be four total tournaments with no fish off.  To be eligible for the 2013 Oregon State BASSTeam participants must pay for all of the tournaments.  Anglers that pay for all four qualifyingtournaments will be allowed to throw out one tournament.  The anglers with the top 12 point totals willbe named to the State Team and the 13th most points will become thealternate.  The four Tournaments will beheld at Ten Mile in April 20th Boardman May 11th,  Prineville June 15th , and HoodRiver August 24th .  Ten Mileand Prineville will be the two team tournaments.  Ten Mile is a non permitted tournament and thefirst 24 Boats registered will have the opportunity to compete.  There will be a prefish day allowed onFridays before the tournament and participants may only fish with Oregon BASSmembers and that are entered in the tournament. 

Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm