Friendly Reminder to Tournament Boaters

Just a friendly reminder... 

As the end of summer quickly approaches, so does the conclusion of the 2016 tournament season.  Whether you sponsored or participated in club or larger events, I hope those were successful and that you and others found good fishing.

There are still, however, a number of tournaments to be held with some anglers fishing competitively well into the fall.  If youll be fishing any of these upcoming events, please remember that August and even early September continue to be very busy times on the water with summer vacations and the warm weather bringing out boaters and shoreline visitors, many of whom may not be aware we have tournament fishing in Oregon and of the activity that surrounds it.

So, please continue to be considerate of these other users.  Each event is also an opportunity to advertise and promote the sport of bass fishing, so consider taking some extra time to speak with folks about the fish youre catching and perhaps how they can also get started bass fishing.

As always, thanks for being good ambassadors for the sport and good luck on the water!

Gary Galovich
ODFW Warmwater Fish Biologist